Popcaan – Unruly Party Lyrics

(Verse 1)
VSOP still a pop and wi money nuff
Unruly no mix in a funny stuff
G she a handle the Henny rough
Suh shi haffi get buddy nuff

From mi leave mi yard
Every party mi stop
Gyal, around 40 mi got
From a raving thing every party mi shot
Tomorrow everything mi forgot

Wid dem yah high grade weed weh mi burn
Whole heap a people a lay down a ground
Gyal a tell mi shi hide and the moon and the sun
When rum buss in a dem head like gun

Mi seh baby don’t worry
Yo safe wid mi

Don’t watch nobody
Put hi paw mi

Wi a party, wi young wi no deh over 40
Nobody nuh shakey like Coby
Yo know mi

(Verse 2)
Gyal a post dem instagram picture
A prove who ticker
Anytime shi drink the strong liquor
Anywhere pon courts furniture
The rum already, meck shi come already
The high way done already
Wa mount a bloodclaat weed weh mi bun already
Gyal a fret pon the skull already

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Right no bottle no have cork
Bay gyal in a dem pretty tight shirts
Dem a gimmi number in advance
A seh likkle more a the lop dance
God know nobody nah sleep
Straight money pull up fi Niko and Creek
Mi and Mini a rave the whole week
Fi mi woman a promise mi one week

(Repeat Chorus)