Jah Cure – Life We Live Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Every time you take one step
Something pulls you back
But you get back up each time you fall
Wicked people and badmind
Lurking in the dark
But I have no fear I walk wid Jah

Earn the work of enter the music
And just light up another one
Real accent just close you eyes
natural mystic is in the air
Badmind yes I have no fear
Everything is gonna be alright

Some days your up and some you down
Weak today, tomorrow strong
Some will lose and some you gonna win

Gots to live the life, the life
The life we live
The life, the life we live

(Verse 2)
Every time you hear this song
Put your lighters up
Keep the fire burning in your soul yea
Good vibrations everywhere
Feel it in your bone
To bless to be stress is what I sing

(Repeat Chorus)