Ryme Minista – Purple Eyes Lyrics

From the first day mi si yo
Mi see the sun the sky
Everything mi would a give you
Mi nah go tell no lie
Mi vex when mi no si yo
Mi love the way yo wine
Slow motion wa him gi yo

Yo meck mi two eye purple
The way you meck yo waistline circle
Girl and you no tough like turtle
Buss a wine and stay like Mrs Murkle
Girl come yah

Yah suh you fi stay gyal don’t bother me
Meck wi drink likkle Hennessy
Smoke likkle weed
Yea Rhyme Minista have everything weh you need
And a family mi seh so a no nothing if you breed

(Verse 1)
Gyal giggle up yo body and wine up
Gyal yo body look good, yo body look good
You no full a chip up and knife cut
Gyal yo body look good, yo body look god
So any man go deh haffi wife up
Yes yo body look good, gyal yo body look good
And yo know how fi clean and cook good
Gyal yo body look good, look good, look good

Enevitable anytime you a bubble
Mi cyaa figure out hey mi mind still a puzzle
How yo meck yo waistline go down and come up
And don’t keep up like a foot ball juggle
Bumper big more than one dozen
Mi like you and yo friend but mi still want yo cousin
Slow wine, fast wine, move up the muscle
Meck mi fi the piece wid the puzzle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wine and bubble, bubble, bubble, like a pot pon fire
Put you pon crak like a glock mi a fire
Mi love how yo round like wheel
So mi waan stay close to yo body like a patch pon tire
Mi love your promotion prin pon fire
And mi feel yo emotion a sing like quire
Right now mi a program a ring from the buyer
Meck wi push forward step higher

Take a picture a da wine deh
Tag it to mi, mi no use BBM suh whatsapp hi to mi
High grade and Hennessy it’s a bad hobbit to mi
All when it wrong gyal yo agree to mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)