Kiprich – Gal Thief (Gal Pro) Lyrics

Every man a rob money
Every man a rob car
Girls wi a rob from every superstar
Right now a mi and every artist a war
Fi them woman, fi them woman

(Verse 1)
First yard mi circle no Wayne Marshall
Seh pickny soon born mi seh mi no partial
Tell him seh fi send on the key fi the house
From now on Tommy Chin a my girl official
Dem fi know man a real gyallis pro
When mi a theft gyal mi no theft dem slow
Wa day mi go a Miami a show
Just fi go tek weh Baby Cham girl name O
Si Chris Martin a play ball pon a field
Correl him wid a squad bigger than Mark shield
Seh mi want a girl fi a pedal and wheel
Seh my youth send out the bad gyal Ce’cile
The one Foota Hype him full up a though chat
But mi a bad man, mi no work off a that
Tell him seh fi bring good body Ishawna come check mi
Mi waan get fi are belly fat
Theft one a the twin girl him seh wa that you a do man?
Mi seh how yo mean? Shi no come yah fi you one
Hey Konshens, when you si mi wid yo girl
Try do supn, do supn

Your gyal, a my gyal
Mi thief, mi no buy gyal
And mi no give a heck about whydol
When mi si weh mi waan, mi go fi weh mi waan
And mi no care who suicidal

Mi tek weh girls, girls, everyday
Tek weh girls, girls, everyday
Tek weh girls, girls, everyday
Yo girl gone from shi look my way

(Verse 2)
Vegas hide him girl a Atlanta
Send are money everyday like Santa
Wa yah mi still find are and join are
But a just the video camera mi never plan fa
Bounty Killer a mi real general
The girls dem hunt him like a federal
Weh day mi thief 5 a him girl a Bembae
And by Bounty Sunday him have 10 new gyal
As a gyal thief you haffi full a nough links
All when you a itch on pon yo girl like chinks
Even though Sean Paul money full brinks
That still cyaa stop mi from cut wid Jinks
Free up Vybz Kartel now a that me seh
Mi no business weh no man waan pree seh
Caw weh Teacher deh road a nough gyal hi have
So that a nough more gyal fi mi thief weh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Shaggy call him self Mister Lover Lover
Go home and cyaa find him girl fi a hour
When him seh Kippo? Mi seh it wasn’t me
Him girl just love mi boom bastic power
Circle Beenie Man and seh wa a gwaan doc
Tell him a last night Angel deh paw mi block
Beenie seh Kippo yo know mi no shock
But when mi want mi Sunday dinner yo try bring are back
Ninja the gun paw T gagon
Yo think mi wouldn’t find yo catty a Portland
Weh day mi meck a small walk over Braton
Now look, Cobra cyaa find him woman
Kidnapped ghetto bam and seh show mi the ship
Mi circle the ship wid two loaded clip
Mi shout out Chino, Send out Yendi
Mi and are a go pon a, go pon a beach trip

(Repeat Chorus)