Popcaan – Cool It Lyrics

Mi love whn gyal star movie like soap
Lose dem self when mi twist dem rope
Any line from naughty girl weh mi quote
Pum pum run like Usaid Bolt

(Verse 1)
Gyal wine pon da jockey yah
Vibrate like a Nokia
make sure yo get da copy yah
If a no money, head meck mi happier
Nah lie mi love yuh off baby
Yuh fi be mi first lady
Da wine deh amaze mi baby

Gyal sit dung
Cool it baby
C–k it up and then yo cool it baby
Gyal cool it baby
Wine it like yuh rule it baby
Cool it baby
Gyal yuh hot fi real
Cool it baby
Yo meck man a act foolish baby
Wine it like yuh rule it baby

(Verse 2)
Gyal yo pretty thong done gone
Mi condom roll on
Meck yo hand dem hold on
Bend over fi da wine yah furlong
She being waiting so long
Fi wine paw mi c–key to a slow song
Shi seh it hot like when fire turn on
Shi run off a the nylon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Shi no stop call back
Me shi si when her eye dem lock
Seh shi vision shi a wine paw c–k
A the hair dresser while mi get mi hair plat
Mi love gyal weh stay like that
F–k mi from night till the day light drop
Police gyal lock mi dung and mi sentence that
Inna the radio car di skirt drop

(Repeat Chorus)

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