Versatile – Get Gyal Everyday Lyrics

Man a gyallis from mi born an a so man stay
Real gangster wi no go wrong way
Any gyal come inna mi part dem a come an stay
From mi small a go put an play

Mountain View me get gyal everyday
Me get gyal everyday
Gyallis like wi get gyal easy
Wi no haffi pay
Wi gyallis team buck all the way

Popcaan we get gyal everyday
We get gyal everyday
Yard or broad from wi si gyal wi naw delay
Gyal fly in an a ball fi stay

(Verse 1)
When yo talk bout Jamaica wi govern parts
Cause everywhere wi go gyal a stuck on fast
Wi meck gyal weh have stubborn heart
Fall in love wid just one talk
Them waan the govern Saussure
The gyal dem seh dem love the slim boss
Caw dem know mi no haffi drink slim fast
Gyal si wi a walk an a grab paw mi brethren shorts
An a seh please do no meck him pass

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey Tyrone
Some bwoy only get gyal number
Wi juck gyal an meck gyal puncher
Wi no haffi go far fi gyal
Wi just meck gyal come fa
Wi hide an meck gyal hunt fa
Gyal a travel far
Gyal a walk, gyal a drag
Gyal a run fa
Just fi get my number
Gyal waan role inna mi bed like thunder
An a no no since mi get my Honda

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)