Beyonce Attacked 50 Cent Over His Beef With Jay Z

Beyonce is a ride or die chick and she will protect her man down to the very end.

50 Cent says Beyonce once confronted him over his beef with her husband Jay Z. The G-Unit head made the revelation in an interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club.

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This is what 50 Cent said:

“One time [Beyoncé] jumped off of a ledge and came running over cause she thought me and Jay had issues. And I’m like, ‘What the f? Did she really just jump and run up on me like that?’ We was at the Cosmopolitan. She jumped out and was like this, ‘What?! That Bonnie and Clyde for real! You try this or what, boy?! I’m here!’ She bugged out at me. I looked and Jay starts laughing. He’s like, ‘Yo, you know what it is.’ I said, ‘Oh sh-t! What the f y’all got going on, man?’ Bey jumped down off of that joint like, ‘What?! Wassup?!'”

That’s a real ride or die chick right there. But one thing Beyonce will not do and that is protect Jay Z from the wrath of her sister Solange.

Who can forget that infamous elevator video showing Solange Knowles viciously attacking Jay Z in a hotel elevator at the Met Gala after party. Beyonce just stand there and watch the whole thing unfold.

50 Cent is lucky Solange wasn’t there.

Watch the interview below.