Laden – We Response Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi step out inna mi lockass
Inna mi dark glass
Gyal a seh mi fly like mi have on wings a pass
Seh shi want di link
Mi seh si mi pin yah fast
Stylo yo know a win mi win are heart
Every gyal a mine, some no really know yet
Caw wi deal wid gtal thing like a project
Gyal a study mi is like mi is a subject
Mi have some set a gyal weh never tell mi no yet

We response fi di road
Have di place lock so yo know wi response fi di ford

We response fi di street
Cyaa violate wi order wi 6 pants fi wi beat

We response fi di place
From wi seh shell down no bwoy naw sponsor wi case

We response fi di globe
We response fi di world
Don fi di world

(Verse 2)
As simple as yo seet, as simple as yo seet
Our links dem done stink inna di street
Di tugs dem no show no pimple and no teeth
And yo naw si wi shoes dem stink inna wi sheet
Cyaa violate no link inna mi cleat
Any bwoy try that yo know him skin haffi beat
Wi no skin off no teeth
Stay deh run off yo beak
Till wi turn on di heat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)