Chilando – In A The City Lyrics

The city under dirt
Everybody hurt and wi cyaa help it
Pure gun a burst, wi cyaa get no work

Inna di city, di youths dem a hold it and a crack hi
No money naw run dem a clap hi
And di police dem naw show no pity
Everyday a next dead body inna di city
6 mouth fi feed off a di one patty
Vike street sellers and yo know wi no got hi
That’s why di brinks truck di youths waan rob hi
Yea inna di city

(Verse 1)
Politicians never set di foundation
Dem rather put di guns inna di youths dem hand
Fi di dem dirty deeds dem cyaa stay strong
So dem send Babylon fi come kill black man
Mama, papa, suffer but wi haffi prolong
This generation full a sufferation
Cyaa send di youths go a school cause a payment plan
So dem naw get no education

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yes you better watch di place yo walk
And watch di way yo talk
Else yo head top get lick off
Step pon a man toe hard yo better try no laugh
6 o clock come mi know yo lost
If yuh a informer, yuh no have no hiding place
Even yo family dem meck fi bwal
Dawg eat dawg in this dreadful city
Better watch out or yo go get corn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
News report gunman and police inna shoot out
Wi no know what transpire
Youth just a sell bag juice pon di street
Police story seh a gun him a fire
Papa reach 60 and cyaa retire
Just a pot a water pon di wood fire
Cyaa tek di taxi, di wages higher
Watch dem a draw blood like a vampire

(Repeat Chorus)