Gyption – Progress Lyrics

(Verse 1)
But life is for the rich
Life is for the poor
Same thing a road
To life seh my own to endure
Sure I respect that I will give you more
Love and respect it always eager to be more
Everyone boast in life
No one want to go out and work
Everybody I know wants to survive
No one wanna be call a jerk

Life is for us to live
Life is for the last to keep
You cant live for yourself alone
Each man brother I see as my own
Life is for us to live
Life is for us to live

(Verse 2)
Why the system suh shegg up
Everybody medz just corrupt
Everyone a look out fi dem self
Every man a run down riches and wealth
But in a Jamaica where wi come from
Everyone in a the same botheration
I mean frustration, and temptation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Whats the solution
Why another man waan fi kill another black man
Or why the white man waan fi kill another white man
And why the Japaneses waan fi kill Japanese
Why the Cubans waan fi kill Cuban
Everyone is just one
Everyone is just one nation
No matter what color
No matter where the country come from

(Repeat Chorus)