Elephant Man – Summer Time (What Would I Do) Lyrics

You know wi haffi find it anyweh the party deh
This year wi no want the summer done wi want it stay

What would I do without you summer time
Beautiful beach wid the sun a shine
Circo a mi head spinage
No kidding, in a pool a Henny mi nearly drunk
Whats going on mi waan party tonight
Party just start as dem si wi arrive

Me and Lord and Busy
Spend money like Drizzy
Wayne Marshall gimmi a light
Pool party gyal a dash water
Look how the gyal dem wet and a wine
Any man no want no gyal him mussi sick or a lose him mind

(Verse 1)
You no si a bay don in here
Hennessy wi a drink and a no light bear
Cush a puff gimmi a light here
Fi the summer swag mi might gi dem a white air
Full white fi the summer
Pure Nike Air
Negril pon the strip wid dem dear bike gear
Early settings wi no go weddy yet
Bounce a gyal weh a hype shi no ready yet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How yo hot suh
Gyal a mussi summer yo name
Hear yo well brilliant gimmi some a yo brain
Fly like bird in a the ark weh yuh a go claim
Mi live paw mi hill but mi wi come a yo lane
Lay the pipe like a plumper yo name
Face meck up like a shower yo came
Fi tour a secret bath suit
Walk out yuh no coward no shame
From far yo fly down pon plane
Fi the summer time

(Repeat Chorus2X)