Laden – Nah Lie [New Music]

Dancehall star Laden drop a new single “Nah Lie,” off the Guitar Strings Riddim, Produced by Di Genius Records.

To how yo pu–y fat mi seh that haffi tight
Bend back way because a backas yo like
Set like yuh deh pon the back a the bike
Mi waan si yo face no bother lock off the light
Di genius give mi da track yah fi voice
The gyal dem love it dem a clap and rejoice
Gyal a scream out loud shi deh pon top of shi voice
Bwal fi the lord Jesus a the Christ
Mi waan lace her up like mi lackers crep
Squeeze her tight meck shi gap and sweat
So mi do mi thing mi no stop and check

Listen full track below.