T’Nez – Mama (Superwoman) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
9 months shi struggle wid mi in a her belly
Meck sure wi eat all when shi no have penny
Mama yo teach mi seh family first and no friend
If yo know a fi have any
Mama mi si yuh go through all different phase a life
And through the roughest and the toughest time yo always a smile
That’s why mi love yo so much

Even when you cry
Mama you still strong, that’s why you a my
Super woman

You take me to the sky, never put me down
Mama you a my super woman
My mama, mama you a my, mama you a my super woman

(Verse 2)
Mama nough time yo stress and yo no show it
Nuff pressure yo go through mi si yo hold it
Better days a come mama mi know it
One day mi a go meck yo si yo glory
Mi seh my mother shi mean the most to me
In my life, shi mi give mi heart and mine
Mi no si no river too wide, no mountain too high
Fi mi cross and climb
From mi know mi self you a guide every step weh mi walk
Mama, long as I live you always have a place in mi heart

(Repeat Chorus)