Bugle – Zion – Daseca – (Anointed Album) Lyrics

Yo can tek a plane go almost anyweh yo waan
But yo cyaa catch a flight to zion

And mi know yo can drive, yo tek a ship, yo still arrive
But yo cyaa tek one to zion

Yo pay for whatever yo want
Even yo heart yo can transplant

But yo cyaa pay yo way to zion
Yo left earth yo go to mars
The moon maybe the stars
But no space shuffle cyaa carry you go a zion

(Verse 1)
Cause the way to mount zion it based on how yo live
That’s why yo must stay clean and righteous
Never burn yo bridge
One hand cyaa clop so you fi give what you can give
And as long as it’s not HIV always stay positive
Member we’re not of our self we’re the sheep of his pastor
You will find it if you seek
And you’ll get it if you ask fah
Don’t know why wi always want things fi happen fast
No know weh all dem witch craft
You can live your life the way you wanna live it
Member you no created is a higher power give it
Life is not like current when the power service turn it off
Yo bridge it if you no right, in a jah sight yo no ligit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You can tek the elevator to the top of the sky craper
No meck no sense yo try cause yo still cyaa scrape the sky
No know weh you a think but no link cyaa meck yo visit the most high
And mount zion high
You can tek a cab or even walk to Shirly gate
But none a that cyaa meck yo si the pearly gate
No tell mi bout no friends, no Lamborghini or no Benz
Cause if you no have no drive way yo cyaa park in the side way
No us pound, no euro if you no have no exchange rate
The only currency accepted by his righteousness is faith
A man build a car, a house, a plane, a ship yo seh him great
But wa happen to the man weh build the man weh you seh great
Give wi the fire, the land, the water
Meck wi have son and daughter
Yo think da part deh deep mi waan yo listen to da part yah
A no plan made, a no man made, the real don make natural disaster
Him heal yo wid him eyes no need no injection or plaster

(Repeat Chorus 2X)