Mad Cobra – We Nuh Tek Page (Kiprich Diss) Lyrics

Wi no deal wid fish wi no hook
And wi no tek page wi no book
Wi no kiss fer badman no put
Wi face nah go reach which path it no fi put

Yo mussi madman straight
Wi no gaze when wi look
And badman no taste weh no cook
Nobody cyaa tell badman fi put
No face nah go reach which path it no fi put

(Verse 1)
Yeh mi cross like Killer then
A no nothing fi mi meck doctor stitch up and filla dem
Mad medicine a build again
Any lam fish ready come push up unuh gill again
The outlaw just corilla dem
Weh a knock, knock, the hammer meck box start build again
Chatty mouth stand still again
Duppy bat run, hear the thing go sound like drill again
Mi badder than ten a everybody weh dem fraid a
Who dem bwoy deh fraid a? When dem si mi dem fraid a
None a dem no badder than mi likkle six grader
No response if yuh no have no behavior

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Step cross, bwoy get jack when wi meck walk
Tep cross pit bull badman no tek talk
Cross over shepclock, 3 pointer tek fast
Bwoy dem know seh man no itch when machine a stitch cloth
Which cloth? That cloth, white or the black cloth
Da dawg deh blind, but that pu–y, that cloth
that claat, how yo mean? Thing dem no stop claat
Jay stitch rip up and pop claat

(Repeat Chorus)