Elephant Man – Jamaica How We Do It Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Meck wi show dem how wi do it
Party day and night
Caw wi love spotlight
Waan catch the new dance fi the next hype
Killa just call mi and a seh Henny in a cup
Gyal a get ready fi rollie polie and a line up

Just member mi no bather yeh
Fresh and draw fi mi Jordan, and mi versace grey vest
This is how we do, me and my crew
Tonight, mi pull up in a the party
Gyal yo seh tonight
To how the bar shell dung dem swear thing a drive by
Who cyaa do the new dance dem a throw hands in the air
Badman buss a blank and put up unuh cup
Meck mi hear the party say

Jamaicans show dem how wi party
This is how we do it
Foreigner si wi and a shout out yardie
This is how we do it
Live wi live wi no care bout nobody
This is how we do it
From chigit to the water party
This is how we do it

(Verse 2)
This is how we do party animal fi true
Party nice wi start the night wid party ice
And liquor in a wi igloo
Yo si the girls look good to me
Jamaica is the place to be
Shell down the bar no care how dem stock it
Wi money in a wi pocket, dollar, dollar, bill yah

Girls from every nation send wi invitation
We must go
Tun up the pipe till it buck pon the water truck
Gyal get wet that’s how it go
Wherever it is, tell dem we’re on our way
A could a Kingston, Ochi, Negril, Mobay
Party people let me hear you say

(Repeat Chorus)