Masicka – Type Of Way (Freestyle) [New Music]

Dancehall star Masicka drop a new single “Type Of Way.”

Mi have mi gun pon waist
Gyal a jump and brace
That’s how we do it down in Jamaica
Mi no thump in a face
Mi no punk, mi no chase
Rifle shot a the real bone breaker

Mi bad fi bomboclaat real
Defend this mi C**kburn Pen wi a go rise the K
Grands Pen to matches Lane seh mi fi rise the K
If yuh try fi cross the tole mi tek yo life away
Water Ford and Nakozed no fraid no time, no day

Tek yo life away, Huggins tek dem life away
Tek yo life away, Portmore tek dem life away
Mi sip mi rum and light mi weed
Mi nah go light no K

Listen track below.