Alkaline – F— Up Lyrics

Mi daughter it fed up
When yuh find out yo friend fake no f
Look how yuh check fi him, rate hi so much

Mi daughter it fed up
When somebody yuh use to rate
Meck yuh haffi a prefect a f dem up

Mi daughter it fed up
Look how much things yo tell dem
Is like dem would a use it against yo

Mi daughter it fed up
How people so fing fed up
Just fi talk bout it meck mi feel fed up

(Verse 1)
Well anyway, mi wonder if when yo sell out yo friend yo meck money
If a so then a bay judas mi a go be
All when mi broke no rass mi prefer tan hungry
Worst 30 piece a silver nah go do nothing fi mi
Mi good, good, friend turn mi worst enemy
To how mi hurt mi waan buss him face anyweh mi see him
Mi stop trust people, then if Mr. Chin cyaa take no liberty a maybe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Member the bar, member the laughter
Mi nah go lie dem time deh nice no rass
As day light a yuh that a mi yard
Jah know mi feel a way mi thing yuh was mi dawg
When mi member how long wi a spar mi feel worster so
No dirt in a the ground no hurt like how it hurt mi so
So all the years mi a look out fi pagans
Yo did deh right yah so

(Repeat Chorus)