Busy Signal – Well Prepared Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Hustlers making money in the streets again
Touch the road well fresh, clean, night and day
When wi rolling, dawg ready fi nam yo foot if you violate
A wi a run the whole town
Hustler make the money plenty
Wi and wi friend them just a smoke and a drink nough liquor pon table
Big up yo friends and yo dawgs them near you
Them well prepared
Still wi give thanks fi life everyday a the week
So wi dweet when wi touch the road everywhere bay gyal surround wi
Naw beg nothing caw wi pocket them no empty
And we don’t care
Jah protect mi and mi friend them, and mi family

And mi seh blaze up every lighters
Mi seh when wi a lock street
Mi haffi big up the hot head tugs
Am gonna show the girls them love

And mi seh burn out every badmind
Mi si the whole a them a pree
But wi head cyaa cool, cyaa cool, cyaa cool, cyaa cool
And none a them cyaa stop wi

(Verse 2)
Them think them tougher than
Think them rougher than
None a them out deh cyaa stop mi
Mi no follow back a man
Long line a entourage, no yo know seh that’s not mi
Hey anywhere mi step gyal them a follow mi
And nough a them a stalk and a rush mi
Yeh me chad wid the turf mi no swim
Mi no surf, man a step seriously

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)