Tommy Lee – Rip Lyrics

You were the best light up the lighter
Fi all a we friend dem who lay to rest
Though you gone mi holding on
Help mi Jah
Release ma stress
How mi feel about mi friend dem wa die by violence
It hurt mi heart rip me apart

(Verse 1)
Rather your in a hell
Rather your in a hell
I know that one day we will meat again
Look at your kids reminiscing
It makes me cry
Jah know star a remember everybody young an a spar
Some times we live good sometimes we war
Sit down a pree how we a suffer through the storm
We usto skull school many days
Challis we a blaze
Reaction take over you reach
You a mi bad chargey mi seh so badly
Mi promise you seh you family a go find you rest in peace

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Everything happens for a reason
As far as I can see
Candle light a yo nie night
How God mi cyan believe
Watching you going down six foot six
It eat mi alive mi grieve
Cross feels like I dont wanna live no more

(Repeat Chorus)