Kiprich – Nuh Man (Vybz Kartel Case) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
No lam to no slaughter
No selling a soul a fi nothing weh a offer
Think a the end this a just the starter
Every artist better pree fi move smarter
Litera the criminality fi move smarter
Proving no work but who fa heart smarter
Caw when the judge knock the hammer
A we alone left in a the mess fi police laugh after

Nuh wish that fi no man, nuh man
Nuh man no wish that fi nuh man
Dem seh prison never meck fi the dawg dem
But mi wish prison never wish yah fi no one

Nuh wish that fi no man, nuh man
Nuh man, nuh man
Nuh man no wish that fi no man

(Verse 2)
After wi no politician fi do things and get weh
Dem alone have that govern
Unuh feel seh the trial did fair
Unuh feel him deserve no 35 year
Feel seh the man fi deh jail a hug up teddy bear
While shorty party out there

Unuh feel seh dem plan up fi the man in a the court
Unuh feel seh a fi him voice pon the voice note
Unuh feel seh the teacher no member him have passport
Fi a meck plan fi cut pon boat
Unuh feel seh dem mash up the man future plan
Unuh feel seh dem sell him like the goat island
Unuh feel seh a true government no waan fi get sue
A that’s why dem no free the man

People unuh feel seh the lawyer go lue
Or unuh feel him know weh him a do
Tell mi if unuh feel seh the Lizard rob Gaza Slim
And then cut gone a Cuba fi true

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Hold on, unuh feel the system gone mad
Fi seh the DJ response fi hundred and add
Unuh no feel seh the man would a get weh
If him did really sign up wid ladge

Unuh feel seh the system protect dem own
And a ghetto people dem target alone
Unuh feel seh law man fi a bruk in a station
A theft credit off a the evidence phone
The justice system a waist people time
Unuh feel seh cops a contribute to crime
Unuh feel seh the biggest informer in a the place right now
A the Digi mix up wid the lime

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)