Bramma & Akane – Whine For Me Lyrics

Gyal mi love it when yo wine for me
Mi love it when yo wine mammy
Mi love it when yo wine, bump and grine
Girlfriend wine for me

I really love to wine for him
My baby am o wine for him
Baby bwoy you mine, your so fine
With you am falling inlove

(Verse 1)
Mi a Jamaican, shi a Japanese
She mi waan fi have hug up
A she mi waan fi squeeze
Tek are to Negril inna di tropical breeze
From Jamaica to japan, from Japan right back to Belize

Wa mi seh? My baby got mi weak in ma knees
A yah so nice like a rice and peas
Hold mi tight that’s why mi cyaa leave
Oh Bramma pepper my at ease

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Then sexy Akane? Mi know seh yo waan mi
Mi know seh yo waan mi, from di first time yo saw mi
A nuff time yo call mi, yo horny, yo waan mi
Put yo loving arms around mi baby

Loving that yo gimmi cyaa compare
So tell a bwoy seh no bother come near
Seh di fish tale a gyal mi no share
I love my Gully that I will be there

(Repeat Chorus)