Popcaan – Everything Nice (Remix) [feat. Mavado] Lyrics

(Intro – Mavado)
Yeh that’s why mi still feel like
Yo no…Mi can tek it to the stars
Cause a mean after hard work and everything
Feel nice yo know wi haffi party
Enjoy wi self

(Intro – Popcaan)
Am feeling high, champagne fly
Work hard everyday till wi reach to the goal
This a fi the people dem weh work hard
All who gone to the morgue
Rip to a love one, put yo cups dem high

(Chorus – Popcaan)
Tonight the feelings right
Going on high grade flight
Tugs a prole out, girls a roll out
Everything is nice yea
Cho, oh, oh….oh, oh

(Verse 1 – Mavado)
I got to make it right
Yes I got to make it right
Ladies on the left, gangsters on the right
Got to make it right

Poring liquor for my friend I got to reminisce
Even tho yo gone a member when yo tell mi this
Hard work makes a man money a malice
Now I got the hottest girls sitting on my d–k
So what’s up if we came up
Make a likkle money and a do the real things
The world watch this bwoy becomes man
Dem would a chat the truth if dem never in a feelings
It’s my ambition, wooo oh, oh, it’s my ambition
The weed, the henny we sip on

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Popcaan)
Hennessy pack up
Refill yo cup
Music a play till the speaker f up
Gyal faint when mi clip mi finger like erupt
Shi a wine under rum and syrup
Reaching out to all who do 9 to five
Weh a put in the work and a fight fi strive
From UWI to UTECH….ease the exam stress and hold a vibe
Yea, yea, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Popcaan)
Sometime mi know seh yo stressed out
Cause the bills dem pending
Or yo lost everything weh yo work everyday and invest in
Watch yah now, touch the club find a girl and bubble pon
Find a party fi tek out the trouble on
Pop Skull dedicate this one
To every victim and all ex-con…trait

(Repeat Chorus)