Alkaline – Weh We Ago Do Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Never know how times hard
Till mi si mi granny cut the tooth paste tube
Weh wi a go do?
Mi reall waan fi know weh wi a go do?

Spend a bag a money pon school fee
What a rass if the pickney no pass
Weh wi a go do?
Not nice weh wi a go do?

Wi suffering every day yah
Cause life so fed up mi brother
But weh wi a go do?
Ghetto youth weh wi a go do?

Wi work hard all week
And the money weh wi meck a fi send wi back a work
Weh wi a go do?
Society weh wi a go do?

(Verse 2)
Nough a wi deh yah so a suffer long time
But wi never give up, yeh wi never stop crying
For wi living in a perilous times
Dawg a nam dawg and blind a lead blind

Jah know seh da system yah set a way
And nobody no cater fi none a wi
And wi bwal seh wi want house and car
But a the prison and the hearse dem set fi wi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mount a time weh mi pree seh fi run away
Left yah so and go somewhere far away
But the only reason meck mi no left yet
A tru mi no have no weh fi go so might as well mi stay
But mi haffi wonder weh wi a go do?
Government tell mi weh wi a go do?
Mi waan gwaan easy but even that hard fi do

(Repeat Chorus)