Jayds Ft. Onton – Roads To Riches Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Jayds money fi a meck everyday
Pounds and us yea
Want a million a day
Caw nough money fi a meck everyday

Because politician dem have the box wid the cash
And a hide it meck it look scanty
So mi and zombie gone pon a robbery
In a diamond sox, clarks, wid mi ganzy
No waan live in a no gully like Sandy
AK turn on babylon dandy shandy
Gimmi the euro, gimmi the pound
Gimmi the Nanny, gimmi the shearer or the Norman Manley
Caw mommy and aunty fi wear things weh fancy
My girl fi hot and pritter than Ashanti
Colon fi smell good and sweet like a candy
Meck gyal a come a my yard in a panty
And seh shi plan fi crawl pon the wall like anancy
Turn any good girl in a vigilante
Money cyaa get anything apparently
Stop mi and yo get a shot like penalty
So show mi the euro not a next sign
Gimmi the money now, now, now, not a next time
Get stick up like seh yo rub against spine
Short dan meck every dollar get fine
Yo si that? Or yuh a go get blind
If one shot no kill yo then yuh a go get 9
We run road bwoy, wi commit crime
Shot in a yo belly meck yo vomit slime

We haffi rich
Ghetto we come from
We haffi rich
Waan shrimp pon lobster in a mi dish
Your wife get turn in a mi bi–h
Spanish girl weh speak in a British
Italian gyal waan gimmi french kiss
Cash the kyle like hippofachalist
Me and Nanny never a go malice
one a my promise is

If yuh stop mi money yuh a go die
Seh ba bye, mommy a cry
Marrow a fly so high
If yuh no pass the money yuh a get dollar coin

(Verse 2)
Sink it slight mi a Bounty Killer
Buy any food me feel fi dinner
Money feel nice yea it mi waan
Although it evil like six six sinner
Meck mi buy cush and sip liquor
Meck any gyal come grip pillow
Fat pu— meck it slimmer
Slim money meck it ticker