Ryme Minista – Black Yiy Sprat (Alkaline Diss) Lyrics

A right yah so your feature a stop
All chichy bus haffi crash
Bout 2016, yo naw live fi si that
2014 yo head a drop
Bomboclaat yo si the bwoy seh him love batty wash
Likkle freak, black yiy sprat
Talk bout yo soon talk the truth but me know that
Yo eye no tattoo a contacts

(Verse 1)
Mi a real killers in a badman village
Mi full a strength in a this like a spinage
You live in a Kartel shadow
Theft Kartel style
A you charge fi badman image
Black version everybody know me bad
If a no killing yow that a no the real job
Yo si the bwoy seh him bruk every red light
And him f gyal in a dem period
Mi si yo turn germs in a wife
And come a tell the people dem fi meck yo live yo life
Spice put her batty in a yo face a that yo like
And yo believe in a batty sex mister batty voice
Gakaline, all a yo songs about batty
Yo seh yo love si when draws sit down in a batty
And before yo sex yo haffi finger the catty
Tell gyal fi batty clap because yo waan slap batty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bomboclaat, a next thing Notnice
How the bomboclaat yo meck da song deh voice
Man a seh him waan batty wash and yuh deh mix song splice
Before yo plug out the bomboclaat mic
Notnice a long time yo love the batty thing
That’s why Kartel give you a Gaza beating
And run in a the studio and tek weh everything
And yo still go build a riddim meck Gakaline a batty up the thing
Alkablind, yuh every john blurry
But batty thing jamaican naw study
Yo know dem prefer sitdown and scam fi meck money

(Repeat Chorus)