Jayds Ft. Deablo & Size 10 – Yardy Medley Lyrics

When wi step like wi step wid the army
Original rude bwoy dem call wi
Wa a gwaan mi seh big up every yard man
Tell dem don’t play wid the yardy
Tell dem don’t play wid the yardy
Tell dem don’t play wid the yardy
Tell dem don’t play wid the yardy
Tell dem don’t play, chigger press

Gun start kick and a tackle
Drive by and a fire car engine a chuckle
What happen meck head crock like a snapple bottle
Machete long like wedding dress weh go in a chapel
Blind fool and chop dem up like beef from the cattle
Evil like Satan who meck Eve nam the apple
Yo full a chat like scrabble and a fight battle
Now mi a laugh while zombi a shot yo
3 star bore heart through arm pit
Kill yo slow, watch yo while yo blood gwaan drip
Cappa meck yo badman friend start skip
Like a big pu–y gyal weh well waan sh–
Messy start the war now so yo cyaa forfeit
Head full a hole like basket down a market
The tall clip meck yo melt like chocolate
Diddy a mi dan Jamaica most wanted

Eagle wid one eye go scradie
Bwoy spread out like shamy
Mi killer friend Johnie weh dress up like rabie
No gi bwoy no black eye, no thump man no Pappoye
The rifle shot apply, brain tell yo skull ba-bye
Dawg weh dem a try? Dem seh dem bad like the rifle from shanghai
That waving like flaghai
Gunshot fi a spy dem screaming like Tashai
Blood run like you a nasie
Messy lift the A1 and a clap it wid one hand
That sounding like cannon
Spit fire like dragon
Hardcore like Hallon, so from yo diss Hammon
From 12 Lane or Cammon
No drive by the wagon
Full a gun like Saddam
K sound like a bomb

Spain town meck adams get busy like mad ants
Bwoy get shot and go drop in a him gyal hand
Pon the stand the 50 caliber balance
Rifle weh solid mi slap it pon rapid
Crack up him forehead drop dead on him vally
Innocent by stand that collateral damage
Wrong place, wrong time, double body baggage
Find head in a garbage a rotten like cabbage
Wi maggot wi deal wid dem savage and hoggish
Mi no average, in a badman thing we the best a no Khalid
Mi, mi married, mi, mi married
Wid the Chinese AK dem weh slimmer than Olive
Mi get them from Israel from mi friend Mohamed
Shot fly through dem throat like a knife weh dragged
Dem drop and splash out and look sappy like porridge
Yack, 303 and spin barrel
Send dem go bury a the yahmil
Pull hand grenade pin like a tin a infamel
No quarrel

(Repeat Chorus 2X)