Sean Paul – Front & Back Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shi ready fi the thing caw shi know mi a the king
Seh shi want the loving just like that
Set good no gyal give mi the kotch on timing
And brace it back, just like that
Gyal cause yo fat, si seh that yo fat
Bruk out beuk out gyal just like that
Deh pon the top, never gonna flop
Never gonna stop girl, just like that
Girl every man a si yo just a launch and attack
Love how yo drop it now pick it up back
Earth quake wine causing heart attack

I know you feel it girl a fever burning and it so hot
I got that remedy for you, let me dweet for you baby none stop
Seanda peasie wi deh yah pon top
Set the gyal dem front and back
Tek the gyal dem front and back
Caw dem ready fi the meditation just like that

(Verse 2)
The place full up, full up, gyal a pull up, pull up
Dem good up, good up, just like that
Set it fi mi wicket and mi just want a wicket
And mi well waan wet it just like that
Just like that, push it right back
Wine and go down to the ground
Push up, push up to the bumper weh round
Drink up the rum girl get in a the zone
Tell the selector fi turn up the sound
Meck all the gyal dem flock and surround
We and the gyal dem a talk a the town
We want the girl dem weh fat like pound

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)