Masicka – Honest Freestyle Lyrics

Mi smoke the weed until mi eye dem black and blue
Then mi f yo girl and meck shi s*ck mi c–key too
Gun deh paw mi waist pu–y wa happen to you
Am just being honest

(Verse 1)
The spliff mi light up this morning meck mi speak in Spanish
Wid the eagle guess what me do, me meck people vanish
Bay gyal a bwal seh mi evil, mi lie and mi never keep mi promise
True mi trick her and f her and f her friend to
Am being honest
Rum in a mi cup, gyal paw mi d–k
Yow mi need mi chronic
If yo diss mi yo dead, pu–y all when mi leave the planet
F–k a million gyal if one gone that naw leave mi stranded
Mi bad no bloodclaat from mi a pickney mi naw eat no candy
High grades pull mi eyes down, send fi the white rum
Caw mi no drink brandy
In a bulk shot swell him up like hulk
Pu–y if we get angry
The first gyal s*ck off mi c–key mi feel like seh mi wine 4 grammy
Wine fast fi mi girl, girl, then yo dweet slow for mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jamaica mi born and mi bloodclaat grow
And mi swear seh mi nah run from it
Rifle a sing like Bob Marley M16 sound like Garnette
Buss out yo head middle day in a the square
Yo girlfriend seet and vomit
Mi buy mi bloodclaat gun dem so no bwoy cyaa disarm it
Badness cyaa download hi no, and yo cyaa install it
If mi no know nothing else, mi know my magnum naw stick
If dem rush fi go public, mi come a public come claat it
Father cyaa come a rum bar, mother cyaa go a market

(Repeat Chorus)