Popcaan – Neva Fraid Lyrics

wi no shake in a the place weh mi grow up
Mi head mad all mi girlfriend give up
Mi link dem way up and stay up
No ramp wid the camp when yo si mi or the whole place free up

Mi never fraid, mi never fraid
All when a million a dem
Mi never scared

A could a hand gun a grenade
Mi never fraid
Mi heart colder than lemonade

Unruly seh, mi never fraid, mi never friad
All when a million a dem
Mi never scared

Man tan up and beat it like a slave
Mi never fraid
Man never scared

(Verse 1)
Any how mi no fraid a no single man
Mi no fingle man
Tired fi tell some likkle fool mi a mi own a dan
Hot skull a hot skull mi no peter pan
And none a mi thing dem no old like Ninjaman
Do your research and find out who mi be no man
Fry eye mi name, mi no waan be no man
A the gyal dem mi pree mi no pree no man
And dem a seh mi a dem sugar like Beenie Man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The good book seh jah help those who help self
Big up everybody weh can defend dem self
When mi si some likkle fool a abuse dem strength
Mi know seh dem soft than the bread pon shelf
Mi alone wi go step and mi don’t need help
Caw dem don’t badder than all mi grandad felt
Dem fight the unruly a melt dem melt
Caw mi mad and mi sick, and mi don’t have sense

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)