Laden – Tek On The Road Lyrics

Mama just call mi phone
And shi seh hear mi son
The likkle food weh shi buy last week
Seh it nearly done

Tek on the road
Tep mi tep in a the road
Tek on the road
Money in a bank account

(Verse 1)
Tidan, like money seh mi haffi go step up mi hustling
Waan money nough like the Arab and Muslim
Mi work hard no true yo si mi muscle slim
Fight mi a fight the system hustling
Badmind a pree mi like mi no fi win
Dem si mi a fly and waan fi broke mi wing
My food basket a no empty supn thing
Pass mi the money mi waan mi duffle fill

Caw mi baby mother call mi phone
Her hair and nails fi done
The jet sandals dem don’t cheap
Shi waan wear some

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Family fi a have money fi a meck it
Fi a stock and pile up
Have shares in a oil
Have allot of oil trucks
Mama shi fi have one a the billion dollar smile look
Even tho the time rough cyaa get up every time bruk
Caw the food wi waan, move fi meck
Bruk the law new rule wi meck
No Money Gram through Gram collect
Mi phone call connect

Mi daughter shi tell mi seh
Shi never go no school today
The school fee it no pay last week
Teacher seh shi fi stay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)