Black Ryno – Born As A Winner Lyrics

Hungry dawg a run the road
On the bone, bwoy hold yo own
Tell a bwoy seh no try fi stop mi
No set no barrier in a mi road
This mi want yo know

Man born as a winner, winner
Born as a winner
Man a winner

Mi born as a winner, winner
Man born as a winner
Caw man a winner

(Verse 1)
Yo no si seh mi a star
A wa happen to yuh star
Wa meck yo waan Ryno fi love like Zar
Wa meck yo waan man fi a ride bicycle
When yuh and yo every man gyal a drive car
Yuh a pray fi mi dead in a war
Yuh a pray fi mi crash in a car
But mi a pray seh mi live till God come
And go weh and come again star

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
See some badmind people a try bring crosses paw mi
No weapon farm shall prosper
Mi a solder in a Jah, Jah, army
Dem a pray fi mi dead
A pray fi police come slap out mi head
Dem waan hear seh mi find dead in a mi bed
Autopsy seh cancer in a mi head

(Repeat Chorus)