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Kanye West Rant, Curse Out Radio Host Charlamagne & Sway [VIDEO]

Kanye West is still mad at Sway but what is his beef with Charlamagne.

Kanye West was performing at Penn State last night for his Yeezus tour stop and while it is not uncommon for him to go on a rant on stage. It was strange for him to go ballistic on Charlamagne who he just did a candid interview with. Although the Breakfast Club host was pretty blunt with Yeezus.

This is what Kanye West said on stage:

“Stop that sh–!”

“If I go to a radio interview, shut the f up!”

“This ain’t no joke.”

“We ain’t think about nobody. We think about Shakespeare. We think about Beethoven.”

Kanye West also made mention about a picture of himself and Kim Kardashian that Charlamagne showed him in the interview.

Also watch Kanye West interview on The Breakfast Club.

But who can forget Kanye interview with Sway that went crazy.

Watch it below.


  1. I agree with you one hundred I don’t like him I think that he thinks he’s being funny but he’s just an a–hole

  2. He is a real dude he not dick riding like a lot of these interviewers trying to be friends and wanting to get in their entourage

  3. It’s like trying to have a rational conversation with the homeless, schizophrenic guy on the train.

  4. eve made adam!!!!!!!!!!????????? he reads the wrong stuff