Jayds – Cash In Hand Lyrics

Caw cash in hand better than yo scratching hand
Mi like spend money but no waan money done
No waan bruk like glass fall pon the ground
Mi want a billion

Hey, mi waan fi rich, mi waan fi rich, mi waan fi rich
Mi waan fi meck nough cash till mi cyaa check mi money
Buy a car, buy a big house give mi mommy
Voice nuff hit song like sizzla kalonji

Mi waan fi rich, mi waan fi rich, mi waan fi rich
Mi waan fi have a thousand billion photocopy
US, EURO, POUND or a could a NANNY
Caratti, poverty, till it tell mi sorry

(Verse 1)
Rich mi waan fi rich, mi kyle tick like lizard tie
Buy mi own a jet so mi no haffi use mi visa fly
Chain real like seh a gold me supply
If mi want a bike mi bike mi buy one faster than the pizza guy
Me decide seh mi haffi rich before mi die
So mi start search fi the money like a eagle eye
Naw stop till it meet the sky
No waan stop meck money, if money call me reply

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi waan fi rich, mi waan fi rich and tek a vacation to Paris
Mi waan fi rich till OG puff in a mi challis
Mi waan fi rich that mean me and money naw go malice
Mi waan fi richer than the man name Hally Mohami
Mi waan fi rich and own a house in a every parish
Mi waan fi put mi money somewhere weh it naw go vanish
It naw go damage, mi waan fi live in a mi palace
So if yuh a go talk to mi chat some money knowledge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro 2x)

(Repeat Chorus)