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Justin Bieber Drinking And Driving With T-Pain [PHOTO]

Justin Bieber was snapped drinking and driving with T-Pain but only this time it was legal to do so.

The troubled Canadian pop star stopped T-Pain’s mansion in Atlanta earlier this week to record some new music with the Auto-Tunes king.

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Bieber was rocking his gold chains and drinking something out of a red cup. The two hit up Pain’s arcade at his home before hitting the studio.

Bieber and T-Pain girlfriend

“I’m still up working w/ @PainzGirl & @justinbieber,” T-Pain tweeted.

The pop star also posed for a few photos with T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm.

Justin Bieber has been making headlines these days for everything ranging from egging a neighbors house to DUI.

T-Pain and Justin Bieber