RDX & Road Elf (Terro 3000) – Head Top Lyrics

Gyal a gwaan like them a the wickedest thing and dem cyaa go pon head top
Shi dweet in a public, shi dweet in a private
And naw get the neck pop
Some gyal a try and injure them self
And them old bone cyaa ste back
But gyal from yo have the acrobat skills
Just spin pon yo head then drop

Gyal go paw yo head top, head top, head top, had top, head top, head top,
Head top, head top, head top
Gyal a wine up and go round and round
And a dweet pon the chair, and sound, and ground
Her head get stricker when shi upside down
Pon her head top

(Verse 1)
Gyal upside down wid yo foot in a the air
Foot in a the, foot in a the, foot in a the air
Gyal dweet like hard cover book in a the air
Book in a the, book in a the, book in a the air
Every gyal a head top when yo look in a the square
A the TV pole them a push in a the air
With a crab up the place like pus in a the air
In a the, in a the, in a the air

Gyal ride pon the bicycle pon yo head top
And s*ck a icicle pon yo head top
Bubble wine then yo dribble pon yo head top
Just tic, toc, a likkle pon yo head top
Gyal yo naw crick yo neck when yo head top
All money yuh a check when yuh head top
A history yuh a meck when yo head top
All who naw enter haffi set back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal meck a head stan and stand attention
Nough dancehall channel haffi gi yo mention
Straighten one a yo foot them and bend one
Any gyal weh let go two hand get a ten grand
The lazy body them gyal dem get ban
Acrobat style answer the question
Selector ask if a so yo neck strong
Don’t meck yo foot expand

Gyal mi waan yo rotate slow paw yo head top
All bout yuh a roll paw yo head top
If a one dance alone that a head top
Wid remote a watch show paw yo head top
Watch the DHQ dem a head top
And a try supn new pon them head top
Yuh a turn like screw pon yo head top
Who naw head top fi set back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)