Morgan Heritage – Why Dem Come Around Lyrics

Dem seh dem love wi
But still dem fight wi
Jah know dem cyaa stop wi

In front a yuh dem smile with yuh
And gwaan like seh dem rate yuh
A back biter dem wi warn yuh

So wi naw tek no hype from no man
Naw tek no talk from no man
Naw tek no pomise from no man
They never let yuh know
The truth of why they come around

(Verse 1)
And no everyone weh deh monks yuh
Really deh wid yo
So don’t yuh feel for a minute they will stay with yuh
When things no up wid yo
Cause the minute that yuh fall instantly dem cut left yo
Who will be there to help yuh rise again?
No one but Jah alone ma friend
Be ware of friend and company
Dem wi turn on the breeze yea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Be wise and watch the ones weh hype yuh up and seh yo great
Be demands up and tell yo lie to yo face
Yeh and tell yo things weh yo already know
Bout yo self like seh yuh a fool and no know
Yea, dem a love and agenda
No to benefit yuh
And when yuh realize that it’s yuh and Jah alone
Yea, yuh will say that we do yea

(Repeat Chorus)

Some will come around and say the things that they think will please yuh
Some will come and go like leafs and a summer tree
Some will come just to sow bad seeds yea
Tell yuh it’s rose when they know it’s only leafs yea

(Repeat Chorus)