Turbulence – Still Shooting Lyrics

Tell dem a we set di orders
A we set di trend
Shot wid notorious mi no haffi pretend
Name and number mash up di top ten
Same time mi come back wid di ex girlfriend yeh

Still shooting shot, am still shooting
Everyday mi buy is about 25 new thing

Still shooting shot, am still shooting
Di way mi full a cash di people dem think seh that mi looting

Still shooting shot, am still shooting
When mi touch di stage a straight forward a no boo thing

Still shooting shot, am still shooting
Turbulence no inna fi dem looting

(Verse 1)
While nuff a dem a shot and stop
Wi a reload di magazine stock and pack
Yow wi sharp like a gabazine
Back on top, wi a roll wid di proper team
Bet on that, every gyal waan be mi queen
White and black, dem waan wi wet up dem pon di river
Slip and frock, a dem things deh mi done
But mi fi on that, quick on that, what? what?

While nuff a dem full a chat
Mi book out fi di year and thing
Disappear until
Jamaica start bwal fi di gyal dem king
A bay number 1 billboard chart top song mi sing
Di girls dem screaming

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Just like how di bank we all skipping off incline
Am still singing pon di big bad riddim
Dem no know di half, a bay joy mi bring
Rasta Fari is my king
Am still striving, surviving
There’s nobody in this world to stop me

Keep on rising, surviving
Am on top of the world

(Repeat Chorus)