Tifa – No Romance Without Finance Lyrics

Yo seh yo want mi straight from the shout
Yo waan jump paw mi like a bounce about
But a supn fi supn
A no nothing fi supn

(Verse 1)
Hey bwoy yo know how soap wash this
Yo ever check the price tag pon a Vicky Secret
Yo know how mi house light JPS or preach
Bout laydown in a house and drink out a mi fridge
Yo ever buy a pack a remi hair yet tell me
Cause this yah gyal yah don’t wear regularity
How much fi a full set am talking bout nails
And if yuh cyaa pay mi rent baby bwoy that’s a fail

Money, money, meck the world go around
Bruk pocket meck a hot gyal fround
Yo godda give mi supn if yuh waan supn too
Caw mi sure bout mi goodie mi no sure bout you

Money, money, meck the world go around
No bother think seh da gyal yah a clown
Mi a go tax yo like government
No mi stop friends under mi management

(Verse 2)
Some gyal bruk man bad a no me that
Mi no ma clown, man fool, man idiot
Mi no turn no man a chicken head or duppy bat
Mi haffi have supn fi show best believe that
Funs cyaa style up, bank book tall up
Send mi go a courts fi the bead meck mi crawl up
Bwoy yo haffi give, give, give, before yo take
Mi wi smile pon the things when mi catch the heart break

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)