Wayne Marshall & Tarrus Riley – Nah Give Up Lyrics

Never, never, never will I
Never, never, never will I
Never, never, never will I wait
No, no, no, no

(Verse 1)
God knows I’ll bear my share of pain
Throughout still my faith remains
I believe there is a power in me
Just the chance is all I need

Well am far from perfect
But still I try
And dem shackles, and dem chains cyaa hold I
I’ll survive
I’ve being fighting too long
Too long to lose
I’m standing firm
And I wont move

And wi naw give up
Not when the pressure is stll pressing on
Wi naw give up, even tho times a get tougher
Wi naw give up, well I don’t waan fi lose am in the pro fi grid
Wi naw give up, to victory defeat my struggles
A was down until tryumps came

(Verse 2)
Lift me up
Should I fall again
I know I gave my very best
Every trial, everyday

Am far from worthless
That’s not my style
And I cant be purchase
I got my pride
I’ve being fighting too long
I being working paying my dues

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)