T.O.K – Rain Drops Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal me and you fi perfect like mi clarks paw grammer
Like grades and grabber
Dancehall and Shabba
Mi wi be yo presi you a my Michale Obama
Like words and grammer
Singing sweet than Danna
Full stop no comma when time mi talk
That straight no stammer
Mi a yo Johnny Bravo, you a my o Mama
And anytime yo gone and it a rain mi need yo badder
Wid every peter patter

(Chorus 2X)
I can hear yo body calling for me
And I cant wait to have you next to me
I’ll be counting every rain drops
When I see you I’ll be wishing on a star
You really do me

The rain is falling I can see it through my window
With every drops sometimes I feel you getting close
Am like a melody without the words without you
And everytime when am away from you

(Verse 2)
As the rain it go pita, pata, pita, pata
It’s another, it’s another
Catty that a halla but mi no matter, mi no matter
Cause a mi boo body badder, body fatter and shi hotter
And shi hotter, and shi hotter
Deal wid the thing proper
Come meck mi love yo down
Come meck mi rub yo down
Well waan fi touch yo gyal yo sweet like a honey cone
Anywhere in a the world mi a run you down
When the rain a tumble down

(Repeat Chorus 2X)