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Cops Raid Justin Bieber House After Alleged Egg Attack On Neighbor

Police officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department raided Justin Bieber’s mansion this morning after the pop star allegedly egg attack his neighbor’s home.

The alleged attack took place on Monday and Bieber and his pals are allegedly caught on camera vandalizing the neighbor’s property with eggs.

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As a result of the attack, several police officers turned up at the singer’s home with a search warrant looking for clues.

“A neighbor accused him of throwing eggs at the house, and we are investigating,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Don Prince told CNN.

Justin Bieber could be prosecuted for the alleged incident.

It’s been two years since Justin Bieber moved into the upscale gated community of Calabas in California. He reported spent upwards of $6.5 million the the home.

But his neighbors have been complaining bitterly that he and his pals have been neighbors from hell.