Iyara – Keep On Working Hard Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi hear them a seh if you no sell yo soul
You naw go meck it in a the music
But mi know seh a lie them a tell
Mi sure a lie them a tell

Caw mi naw sell mi soul
Juggle man a juggle fi score di goal
Payday mi haffi rich before mi old
My life a no normal story
When mi buss mi deserve the glory

The youths do no wrongs
Whole heap a time them try kill mi
That never happen, father God love mi
Music a mi skill but mi use to wash vehicle
Juggle any sight never plan fi beg people
Fi buy the pound a chicken back wid likkle bit a season
And if the road Good flower need to
Unuh listen ghetto youths while the fyara a teach you
Don’t meck wa reach them reach you

Just keep on working hard
Keep on working hard
Ghetto youths put out yo all
And you wi get yo full reward

Keep on working hard
Keep on working hard
Ghetto youths put out yo all
Don’t left out the lord

(Verse 2)
You no need fi pay the tugs pon the corner
Daytime, life short stop waste time
Everybody need things but if a me alone
Work that wi cause envy and badmind
Listen, the riches of the richest start little
Wi bless than a time a no likkle
So ghetto youth get up and step up
Create days fi yo hustle
Wooze up yo brain muscles
No bother wid thing
It hurt when a man dis you true you beg him things
No sit down and talk bout poverty fi stop
The remedy fi that meck wi team up
In everything, each one teach one to reach one
Meck wi win, hard work is the barrow success a weh it bring
Patience, tolerance you fi practice
Listen to mi keen never ever you fi get this

(Repeat Chorus 2X)