Vybrant – Haile Run Dis Lyrics

Mi bun the war ship from the stern to the anchor dem
Dem seh world bank but a Jah, Jah, a mi sponsor

(Verse 1)
Badness no bother shub hi
No bother feel like man a Scoobie Doobie
Yuh si the bag a tuff talk yuh gi
Boogie, hide behind voice like spoogie

Try know a oily run this
Go tell dem a oily run this
An wi no join no type a tongueness
So tell guy try no come dis

A oily run this
Go tell dem a oily run this
An wi no carry fear at all
No bwoy cyaa meck wi feel small

(Verse 2)
A Jah mi fear a no man wid berita
Tell dem mi no run fire from da lip yah
C**ks Field, Tivoly, Jungle, Waltom an Dela
No play when dem a hunt treader
Try know a justice Campbell brown brother
Equal rights fi mi mouth no view brother
From Jews land to Boonan
From Yalas to Pain Land

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Cyaa war fi a square, much less fi a acher Jamaica
Try remember the high rate yah
Man weh save life like data
Hot like equator
A from a laker
How yo fear Jah an no member Jah
Bwoy yo lost like a 10 dollar
Coin yo never si the sign
Is like yo blind
Nothing no badder than the emperor

(Repeat Chorus)