Blak Ryno – Baddest Thing Lyrics

Mi a the baddest thing
Mi a the baddest thing
And if yo never know yo know now
Ryno a the maddest thing

Man mad, wet sick no know, know
Cuff them and put it pon google
Supn fi cook you like noodle
Caw mi no fear camouflage poodle

Man peal of them stripe like banana
Mi bad like Clans and Wannada
No gyal cyaa seh shi hold down mi face
No bwoy cyaa seh him walk paw mi border
Mi a the, mi a the gyal dem glizada
Him a the, him a the man dem shibada
Mi a the, mi a the gyal dem glizada
Dem a storage caw a man dem a live off a

(Verse 1)
Bwoy come a chase like purkings
And think a day care, and think a nursing
Spanish Town, Portmore seh hurt him
And gimmi the nackles fi start the searching
Yea, Kingston start the churching
Bright light run in and bring the hearsing
The champion never do no rehearsing
So when yo si the stinger yo know seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Badder than me yo cyaa find
Mi no si no bwoy weh waan diss yo cyaa try
Steel, block, cement, white sheet
Tell yo mother fi start buy, fi start cry
Man badder than unuh
Cuff dem and put it paw google
Supn fi cook yo like noodle
Mi no know a wa do some a unuh

(Repeat Chorus)