Assassin – Treasure Lyrics

Well hear me nuh Chimney
Seh from di day mi madda bring mi
Yo from di day mi come a earth
Mi know weh di girls dem worth
Ey, a some man love money
And end up lose dem soul
Some man love diamond and gold

But a di woman dem we treasure
Di girl dem gih we pleasure
I love di girls forever and ever
No mi cya lean dem balance me like a ledger
Ey, woman dem we treasure
I love di girls forever and ever
So gimmie Sharlene, Keen, Toni and Trevar

(Verse 1)
She gimmie har numba fi ring har
Blackberry pin so mi pin har
Yuh see from mi take a intrest in har
Yuh know man a gallis
So lately mi haffi ring har
A nice places we bring har
Five star setting, candlelight dinnar
Some man love house and land
Dem Benz And Bimmar

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo a wah do dem guy deh
Dem nuh clever
Fi get di girls a fi be yuh endevour
Yo cah if yuh nah use yuh ting pan di gyal dem
Betta yuh carry dat a go ceva
Ey mista man deh change yuh behavior
Do yuhself and di gyal dem a favor
Me gih mi heart to mi music
Mi soul to di saviour

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
She gimmie har numba
She hear mi have di hard gear
And she wah some lumba
Something bigga than a Tundra
No mi neva mek har run cah mi fit like di Hunda
Even from I was younga
Me didn’t know seh woman a nuh fi pillage and plunda
But some bwoy just abuse di girls and cast dem a sunda

(Repeat Chorus)