Chan Dizzy – Informer Lyrics

Shut up yo mouth
Don’t seh a word
Shut up yo mouth informer
No too send out the youths fi dem get execute pon the corner
Son gone a jail mama cyaa find the pay fi the laya
Sacka a informing a bay madness a gwaan on yah

(Verse 1)
Mi seh no tell mi bout no evidence
Know seh mi no need none
As yo hang up yo phone and walk weh mi si police come
Squaddy drive the jeep down
Tranquility and peace done
Wi haffi seized the sweet fun
Although man a go meet ground
The tugs dem naw pick up nobody naw squeeze gun
Hustling a gwaan and pops a try fi feed fi him son
Dem life rough so low the youths dem meck dem trees burn
Stop run off yo mouth fi no reason

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And mi seh all who no like informer
Meck mi si yo put up unuh hand
You fi leave people business and mine your own
Listen to the words a the song
So informer dem need fi stop snitching
Dem a the reason why some good youths off a the block missing
Him once was a tugs still him meck the cops flipping
Now him time soon up the hands on the clock ticking
Yeh mister watchy, watchy, mister love peep
Everything yo eye see yo no fi meck yo tongue speak
Wait till the tugs buck you up yo complete
Fan a knock like a old school heavy trunk beat

(Repeat Chorus 3X)