Super Cat Received A Heroes Welcome In Jamaica For Sting [PHOTO]

Its been 12 years since Super Cat, aka the Wild Apache, has touched Jamaican soil.

The last time Super Cat was in Jamaica was in 2001. But now the dancehall icon is back in the island for his big performance at Sting 30 on December 26 at Jamworld, Portmore.

Cat arrived at the Norman Manley International airport on Sunday morning and later arrived at the C**kburn Gardens Primary & Junior High School Football Field, 118 Hagley Park Road, St Andrew around midnight for his homecoming party.

The deejay arrived via an helicopter and was given a heroes welcome by his fans.

Super Cat now resides in the United States.

Check out more photos from Super Cat landing in Jamaica.



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    that made me tear up. no place like home!

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    Super Cat is good but Sting ain’t sh– without the World boss

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    Big up super cat aka gun dog it’s a gud look