Popcaan – Every Gyal A Fi We Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem a seh dem have nough gyal
Mi sure mi have more than that
Wi doing it natural
Mi no haffi wheel out my cash
threes call..if yuh check in a mi ash tag
How much million gyal a keep track
Gyal wid bold leg and gyal weh knee knock
A wa do some bloodclaat gyal idiot

Believe mi, me mean every gyal a fi mi
Mi tell yo every gyal a fi wi
All when are man a beat are and seh low Pappy
Shi still bring the pu–y gi mi
Mi tell yo bout mi Chinese chick, mi Japanese chick
Mi Trinidad chick, mi Jamaican chick
Not to mentioned mi Brazilian chick
Shi ticker than a million brick

(Verse 2)
Honestly mi cyaa screw when dem pull up a mi yard
No few think a killer but shi seh mi a the gaad
Mi drive dem mad
Ruth and awking seh mi unruly bad
Tell are follow mi Clarks cheese anywhere weh mi chad
And a tell mi seh shi love off mi suit weh a plad
Tek weh bwoy gyal all when dem guard
Mi get it from mi dad

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Regular gyal run mi down fi gi mi contact
Mi abule the contract
Dash hi gi them contract
Mi meck shi open like a laptop
Draws drop pon the ground like the beemer drag top
Pree mi now, mi no shakey, mi never yet slap
Any gyal weh mi waan Pappy haffi win that
Mi change gyal right round the clock
Anyweh yo si mi land pon the map

(Repeat Chorus)