Lutan Fyah – On Your Way Up Lyrics

Yes on your way up, yuh better remember Jah
With all di trials that yo fear and di peer pressure
Si Jah, Jah, never leave us so true
So much blessings prepared for you

And your way up, yuh better remember Jah
When obstacles come your way put jah before yuh
No stumbling block cyaa over throw yuh
Caw dem no really know yuh

(Verse 1)
Seh first thing dem tell yo seh yo naw go no weh
True yo come from di ghetto yuh fi tan down deh
But yuh no really matter weh dem waan come seh
Wa deh gwaan yesterday, that cyaa gwaan today
Seh Jah, Jah, will protect us anytime any weh
Prepared fi all season, tell pagans seh go weh
Mi naw gi dem no reason fi call mi quabe
Mister nook inna di battle like geno run weh
Selassie High surround mi each and everyday
With all di powers and di energy mi know mi naw stray
A one thing mi know seh Jah make a better day
According to mi work mi get pay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Seh all di fight dem a fight, stand up inna it
Yo better send call yo friend dem and gang up inna it
Count millions like sand up inna this
Don’t switch, yo better stay strong up inna this
Dem waan wi fi drop pin and dem drop bo dom
Dem gone a obia man gone wuk dem gozum
Dem cyaa stop di bobo wid di broom
Di whole a dem haffi listen to mi tune
Dem cyaa punk mi in secret caw dem smoke full room
Selassie intervene and dem doom
It was a bless and surprise, jah catch dem a watch cartoon
Forgetting where they coming from that’s why they inna gloom
Yuh no have Jah inna yo life, that mean seh yuh a wuk wid di loom

(Repeat Chorus 2X)